About Us

Located in Ontario, Canada's Great Lakes region we create Boating, Fishing and Marine Electronic accessories to make life a little bit easier on the water!!! 

RyTek Marine was founded by Ryan Bambach after what had started out as a personal solution to fix a "grief" causing transducer bracket on his personal boat...after the 2nd time breaking it off in ruff water...it was time to create a permanent fix!  With this, the idea of creating a fully adjustable and bullet proof Transducer Mount was born!  With what started out as this personal solution to an issue Ryan had struggled with, it quickly turned into requests from others that were having the same issue!  RyTek Marine now creates many different products from Transducer and Electronic's Mounts to Storage products and even Down Rigger Mounts!  

RyTek Marine is a small "One Man Shop" which Ryan runs the day to day business and with much support and help from his family (his wife Jen, and children Sierra and Keegan) it is not uncommon to see all helping assembling, packing and getting orders ready for shipping!!!