Garmin GT56 Flush Mount Kit

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Our RTG-8056 is our new "Flush Mount" kit for the Garmin GT56 

Our newly designed RTG-8056 Flush Mount has a 2.875" wide by 1.8125" spacing (the RTG-5056 has 3 holes per side for hull screws)

The RTG-8056 is CNC Machined out of Black (UV Proof) HDPE plastic and is the same material our very popular transducer boards are created from!   The mount comes supplied with both "Hull" and "Transducer" mounting screws  and the only thing needing to be supplied by the installer is a high quality Pure Silicone ("Marine Grade" or 100%).   An installer can use 3M5200 or similar but Pure silicone has much better sealing properties and adheres perfectly to the HDPE for a life long leak free installation! 

The RTG-8056 also allows the transducer cable to sit perfectly within the mount, not allowing it to kink or bend to sharply and then nicely exit the rear of the mount for perfect cable management without the risk of cutting or chaffing!