JackPlate Mount- Lowrance 3-in-1HD

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RTL-HD1100 Lowrance 3-in-1/2-in-1HD JackPlate Mount

Our JackPlate Mounts feature a pivoting bottom transducer mount plate like our transom mounts and an Aluminum upper Mount. It also comes with our grommet system mount that allows for properly running the transducer cable, keeping it secure and preventing kinking and chafing of the cable!   Our pivoting mount allows the user to mount the upper bracket aesthetically square and true to the transom without having to worry about leveling the transducer at the same time. Once mounted to the JackPlate with the supplied thru bolts the user then can level the transducer to the water line for perfect imaging. Once leveled the user can then physically lock the lower mount solidly to the upper mount with the supplied Locking thru bolt!

Our Jackplate mount comes with everything shown including 5/16" bolts for bolting the mount to your jackplate!  If your jackplate requires longer bolts for installation, you will have to measure and pick up what you need from your local hardware store.

Video of our 3in1 JackPlate Mount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNNwbJ0tOA0